May 13, 2007

Moh waan chue fong (Magic Kitchen), by Lee Chi-Ngai

This hilarious Hong Kong romantic comedy plays on competition generated by the wildly popular Japanese television show IRON CHEF, in its tale of love and revenge. Yau (Sammi Cheng) owns and cooks for a successful restaurant and has created a life for herself based on following rules and order. When she appears on IRON CHEF, however, she runs into her ex-boyfriend Chuen (Andy Lau). Discovering that Chuen is engaged to marry Yau's best friend, Yau throws her rules to abandon and sets about gaining revenge. Notably, in addition to featuring pop stars Cheng and Lau, MAGIC KITCHEN also features Taiwanese idol Jerry Yan

Magic Kitchen stars Sammi Cheng as Yau, a female chef who has built a very successful professional life, but at the expense of a rewarding personal life. While making an appearance on the popular television program Iron Chef, she comes into contact with an old lover who she discovers is planning on marrying one of her close friends. She becomes jealous and starts using her chef's skills to get even.

“The tale of the scorpion and the frog. A scorpion comes to a river bank. It doesn’t know how to swim. It sees a frog. So it asks ‘Can you help me cross the river?’ The frog says, ‘Of course not. If I carry you, you’ll sting me at the back.’ ‘I won’t do that, the scorpion says, that would kill us both.’ So the frog carries the scorpion across. Halfway, the scorpion stings the frog. "When they are both sinking, the frog asks why. ‘It’s my nature’, answers the scorpion."

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