May 13, 2007

The Science of Sleep, by Michel Gondry

Close your eyes. Open your heart.
In dreams emotions are overwhelming.

The Science of Sleep is a playful romantic fantasy set inside the topsy-turvy brain of Stephane Miroux (Gael Garcia Bernal), an eccentric young man whose dreams constantly invade his waking life.
While slumbering, he is the charismatic host of Stephane TV, expounding on “The science of sleep” in front of cardboard cameras. In “real life”, he has a boring job at a Parisian calendar publisher and pines for Stephanie, the girl in the apartment across the hall. While Stephanie is initially charmed by Stephane, she is confused by his childishness and shaky connection to reality. Stephane’s co-worker, Guy, a vulgar but practical man, offers advice on the opposite sex, but Stephane is too far in the clouds to listen. Unable to find the secret to Stephanie’s heart while awake, Stephane searches for the answer in his dreams.

Written and directed by Michel Gondry, the boundlessly inventive creator of award-winning film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, The Science of Sleep is a whimsical trip into a cut-and-paste wonderland fashioned from cardboard tubes, cellophane and imagination.

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